Lip Fillers and a Tour

Lip fillers, what to expect and a quick tour of our spa!

Hello. Good afternoon everybody. I'm doing a live like I said I would. And I want to show you why you don't want to wait until the day before your Christmas party to have your Botox and fillers. All my makeup is off, and I have some little dots right here where I had my Botox. Right up here you can see that. So you want to give that about a week before it really clicks in, so I can stop doing this. See? I don't want to do that anymore. Makes me look mad, but I'm not mad. The second thing is the lips. See? There's some bruising. See that? And it actually didn't hurt to have it put in, and I'm a big baby, because we use topical numbing medicine. And the filler has lidocaine in it. And I really like it a lot. I think it looks amazing. And when the bruising goes down, it looks good.

Look at my before picture, and you'll see I have no upper lip at all. And now I have one. I'm going to show you around the shop so we can see, you guys can see how things are going. And here we go. Okay. Here's our lovely treatment room, which obviously we have lots of action today, lots of fun stuff with Dr. Adams here. And this is where we have people that want to get ready after they have their facials, they can sit here and take their time and get ready to go back to work.

We just got this in. This is our shampoo bowl that we're going to have put in on Monday. We're going to start doing PRP for hair loss. And you can look that up. It does amazing things for hair loss now. This is one of our little sitting areas where we can sit and have consults here. And here's our front. And it's looking really amazing, coming together. Some of our beautiful scarves. And again, our lovely [inaudible], some gorgeous plants. And we have our fun music, some lovely flowers. We have our new little waterfall thing, which is amazing. And this is generally what we look like here, just a nice look around. I think it looks really gorgeous. And again, any questions about the lips, I'm happy to tell you. They are starting to hurt a little bit now that the numbing medicine is off because they're bruised. I had lots of injections in here.

It's starting to hurt a little, but I think it'll be fine. And when the bruising goes down, it's going to look great. And again, don't wait until the last minute to get your Botox and fillers. It looks good. Pretty soon I won't do that. All right. Come see us. Bye.