Lumenis QS M22 Testimonials

Here from patients about their experience with Lumenis QA M22 Treatments!

Mary Humphrey:

Anytime you do something like this that makes your face feel better and makes you feel more confident and looking good, then it's a plus. It definitely gave me confidence about my skin. I grew up in the sun a lot, and over the years, have had a lot of sun damage, especially on my chest and my face, a lot of freckles. During the treatment, I felt a little pulsing and a noise, but no pain at all. My healing was easy. There was no downtime at all, and my face was a little red, but in a good way, flush-looking. I was very happy with the results. I think my skin looks really smooth and it's tighter and brighter, and I feel like I have less spots on my face. I highly recommend the treatment to my friends, one, because it's very quick and painless, and I think you get great results for the time and energy that you put into it. I'd highly recommend it.

Jessica Way:

I could look in the mirror and think, Wow, my face looks clearer and brighter than it did. I had pigmentation on my skin that I hadn't had before and a discoloration in a couple of places, and it seemed dull, as well. I had had other lasers before, and it was not nearly as painful as those. I was very comfortable, and it went by really quickly. I actually enjoyed myself. Didn't feel painful or irritated or anything. It just looked like I'd worked out. I had had a couple of people mention that my skin looked brighter and clearer a couple of weeks after.

Monika Cancel:

I could wear a sleeveless shirt and not feel so self-conscious being able to expose certain areas of my body that everybody takes for granted. It felt so good. I had spots all over my body. No one could diagnosed it. I felt hopeless. I had a little bit of irritation at first. Not even irritation, just redness really. Within a day or two, that redness would completely go away. I felt so good about myself, and so I just wanted to continue with the treatments because I knew it was working.