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About RF Microneedling

MD Boutiques at Pine Creek in Colorado Springs, CO is proud to provide radiofrequency (RF) microneedling, a remarkable method used for generating healthier, more luminous skin. RF microneedling is able to stimulate the creation of collagen deep within the skin via ultra-thin electrodes that deliver RF energy. Doctors and aesthetics practitioners have been providing this popular treatment to their patients for many years due to its ability to tighten skin and provide a firmer, smoother appearance. MD Boutiques at Pine Creek utilizes the advanced Lumenis® Legend Pro® technology, which blends the collagen-stimulating effect of microneedling with radiofrequency heat to maximize each outcome. RF microneedling can be a standalone treatment or can be incorporated into other treatment plans. It is a low-downtime technique that helps to generate healthier skin, a luminous complexion, and gorgeous outcomes for our patients .

Ideal Candidates

RF microneedling is a safe, effective treatment that can improve the appearance of many skin and complexion complaints, including fine lines, wrinkles, aging, and scars. It could be the right treatment for you if you have started to notice sun spots, age spots, discoloration, smile lines, and other skin flaws (from aging and sunlight exposure). Ideal candidates for RF microneedling want to:

  • Reduce the appearance of sun and age spots
  • Rejuvenate skin for a younger, more luminous look
  • Lessen the look of acne scars, sun damage, and other forms of scarring or discoloration
  • Revitalize skin tone, smoothness, and pigment
  • Create a more refreshed look with firmer skin
  • Treat small imperfections like broken blood vessels

Procedure Technique

To understand the benefits of RF microneedling (sometimes called collagen induction treatment), it helps to first understand standard (non-RF) microneedling. Standard microneedling is a very popular treatment performed via a relatively small, wand-like device with tiny pins attached at its end. The doctor or aesthetician gently and expertly moves this device over the patient's skin, which introduces tiny pin pricks to the target area. The pin pricks, or "micro-injuries," created by the tiny pins trigger the stimulation of collagen production and healing deep within the skin. As the pin pricks heal, new skin grows that is brighter, smoother, and more refreshed looking than before. Standard microneedling is done on its own quite often. However, combining it with RF technology has been shown to produce optimal results for many patients.

This combination, used by Lumenis technology, is done via a similar device — except that the pins also emit radiofrequency energy deep within the tissue. RF energy creates a secondary type of thermal damage in the dermis that can provide even more skin tightening, scar reduction, and collagen stimulation.

What to Expect

At MD Boutiques at Pine Creek, your RF microneedling treatment will be performed in our office by our certified aesthetic consultant. A numbing cream or ointment may be applied to reduce any potential discomfort. The small, wand-like device with tiny pins will be slid over your treatment areas a number of times, which may be determined beforehand, or until the C.A.C. can see the desired results. For about four days after your treatment, small, pin-point scabs will begin to form, but they will disappear once your skin has healed. The downtime for RF microneedling treatment is minimal compared to some other types of treatment.

All different types of skin can be enhanced with Lumenis RF microneedling, since RF energy does not create the same kind of injury as a laser. Generally, patients need 3 – 4 RF microneedling treatments to get their best results. Most patients are able to see some improvement after their second treatment, but it usually takes three months after your last treatment to see your full results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does RF microneedling cost?
The cost of your RF microneedling treatment will vary depending on your condition and the number of RF microneedling treatments needed to achieve your optimal results. During your first visit, our team can answer your concerns and estimate the cost of your treatment.

How many RF microneedling treatments should I get?
Every person is different, so some individuals might need more treatments compared to others. Our team will perform a complete evaluation of your complexion and listen to your goals to determine the appropriate number of sessions for you. On average, many people get 3 – 4 treatments done, approximately one month apart.

What are the benefits of RF microneedling?
RF microneedling is safe and effective for most skin types, and it may be performed on almost every area of your body and face. RF microneedling delivers stunning improvements with very little downtime if you are not ready for a facelift or body lift surgery. RF microneedling can help if you want to update the overall appearance of your skin after a surgical lift.

Does RF microneedling hurt?
After a local anesthetic is put on the target area, you should have minimal pain during treatment. During the procedure, we will ask how you're feeling to ensure you're comfortable. Once the numbing cream wears off, you might feel mild discomfort briefly while your skin heals.

Can I combine RF microneedling with other treatments?
While RF microneedling delivers amazing outcomes on its own, you might think about getting it done with a second procedure for even more impressive improvements. In your consult, we will ask about your goals for your face and body before suggesting RF microneedling and/or other procedures.

Liven up dull, lax skin

RF microneedling is a remarkable treatment with proven results. With its combination of radiofrequency microneedling and skin tightening, it can reduce the appearance of aging skin, sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars, and more. Please contact MD Boutiques at Pine Creek in Colorado Springs, CO to find out about this very popular, minimally invasive skin treatment.

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